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The Light from Inside
The Light from Inside Fri 2/27/15 To Sun 3/01/15
Raven is a trickster and Eagle is a hero, but who will succeed in getting the Light from the house of the Sky Chief and bringing it to the People of Darkness? Based on a traditional tale from the Pacific Northwest, The Light from Inside shows how each one of us can find the power of the Light within.
Saturday Song Circle
Saturday Song Circle Sat 2/28/15 To Sat 5/23/15

You and your child are invited to a fun, interactive musical experience! An Early Childhood Teaching Artist (playing a ukulele!) explores a popular children’s book with your family through song and musical instruments, and you will receive a list of all the songs to practice at home. Best for ages 1 month-3 years.*

*Though these workshops are recommended up to age 3, we know your 4 & 5 year-old children will enjoy them, too!

Feb. 7: Barnyard Dance
Feb. 14: Skidamarink
Feb. 21: Five Little Monkeys
Feb 28: The Wheels on the Bus
Mar. 7: Row Row Row Your Boat
Mar. 21: Pots and Pans
Mar. 28: There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish
Apr. 18: Don't Worry Be Happy
Apr. 25: Down by the Station

Wiley and the Hairy Man
Wiley and the Hairy Man Sat 2/28/15 To Sun 3/15/15

Written by Suzan Zeder; Music by Harry Pickens; Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

This traditional tall tale tells of Wiley who lives in fear of the Hairy Man who lurks in the swamp. When Wiley’s Momma attempts to prepare him to confront the wicked trickster, he pays little mind. As Wiley ventures into the swamp, he is forced to think on his feet in order to outwit his opponent. Will Wiley succeed in banishing the big bully from the territory. Best for Ages 6-12.

Sunday Fun Day
Sunday Fun Day Sun 3/01/15 To Sun 5/24/15

We invite you and your child to bring your favorite stories to life through dramatic play activities, movement, music, and visual art. Each session you leave with a completed craft, as well as a Parent Pack to extend the experience at home. These popular workshops are themed around beloved children’s books. Best for ages 1-3.*
*Though these workshops are recommended up to age 3, we know your 4 & 5 year-old children will enjoy them, too!

Feb. 8: The Rainbow Fish
Feb. 15: My Heart is Like a Zoo
Feb. 22: The Little Engine That Could
Mar. 1: Where the Wild Things Are
Mar. 8: Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake
Mar. 15: Caps for Sale
Mar. 29: Trashy Town

Into the Woods
Into the Woods Fri 3/06/15 To Sun 3/08/15
James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone's favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless yet relevant piece and rare modern classic (also coming soon to the silver screen!). The story follows a baker and his wife who wish to have a child, Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's Festival, and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a witch's curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone's wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.
Blue Wed 3/11/15 To Sun 4/12/15
Imagine a world where the only color is blue. Blue flowers, blue grass, even blue cereal! Inky and Pale live in such a world until they discover something RED! In this interactive show, two friends find fun in every color of the rainbow!
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